Grenka, Trey, and Waede

The Beginning
The first adventure

The group ([fill in names later—Ben, Katherine, Brian, Kait, Nathan]) were at a bar sitting as the group usually does. Bob the Guard entered the bar and requested that, as happened in previous days, the group go out and kill a small hive of Kruthiks that had started to make their way close to the city.

After some discussion, the group agreed and made their way to fight the hive! Upon arriving, [Ben] noticed a Kruthik pass over the path they were following and the group ran up to begin the fight. [Brian] made the first attack, killing a Kruthik hatchling, and [ben] and [katherine] made their way to destroy two more of the Kruthiks. The battle raged on as [Kait] cast her druidic spells across the path and [Ben] nearly died from the attacks of a Kruthik Young. But the battler was won in the end. All of the Kruthiks (6) were destroyed but where was the Hive Lord?

After searching, post-battle, the group managed to find some gold that the Kruthiks were hoarding and made their way back to their favorite inn in Pith: The Forge. They were met again by Bob the Guard. He tossed them their reward after some awkward comments and made his way out. The group sat with ales in hand and toasted to a great day.


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