Lilt Harekin


Int: +6 AC: 11 FORT: 14 REF: 15 WILL 15:

STR: 13 CON: 17 DEX: 17 INT: 17 WIS: 17 CHA: 15

Max HP: 34 Bloodied: 17 Healing surges/day: 10 Surge value: 8


Marna Badgerside and Fardri Harekin were two gnomes from neighboring villages in the plains areas southwest of Grenka. Marna was one of eight children, while Fardri came from a family of only three children. Before they met, they each traveled around gnome/dwarf territory, training as bards. After meeting, they traveled the larger continent, sharing their knowledge with other races. After a few years, Marna and Fardri were married under the surname Harekin and established a home near Marna’s large family. They named their first child Lilt and looked forward to having more children. However, the first four years after Lilt’s birth, Marna and Fardri were invited to share their old stories with villages around the continent. Lilt was taken on many of these trips and the couple decided to wait until they had time to settle down again to raise the rest of their family. After these four years, Marna and Fardri decided it was time to conceive again and begin training the next generation of bards. One last visit was requested by close human friends, asking to hear the couple’s favorite epic for an extra price. The couple asked one of Marna’s sister and her husband to watch Lilt, knowing the area they were visiting is often attacked by humans from the neighboring kingdom (the village is also near the elfin mountains). Their decision was life-changing: Lilt was orphaned two weeks later due to a random skirmish in the village.

Lilt was raised among dozens of cousins, aunts, and uncles. Her grandparents died of old age during Lilt’s teenage years. While her aunt and uncle, Ona and Pyn, tried to raise Lilt as one of their own, Lilt remembered her parents and could not accept Ona and Pyn as a replacement. While she fostered no need to avenge her parents, Lilt also never felt entirely part of the family.

Lilt Harekin

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