This is a new world.

The world is split between three continents: Grenka, Trey, and Waede-names bestowed upon these lands by the mighty gods. Grenka, the major continent in the middle of the planet (occupied by Humans, Elves, Halflings, Dwarves, Dragonborn, and Gnomes), Trey, the smaller continent to the north (occupied by Tieflings and Shifters) and Waede, the large continent to the south (occupied by the Deva).

There was a great war 200 years ago that forced the Elves to seclude themselves in the north half of Grenka behind inhabitable mountains they forged using mysterious magic. The war was a battle over control over the majority of land in Grenka. The people of Trey and Waede kept to themselves during this war as they saw it as a war of petty meaning. The elves recruited their ignorant neighbors, the Dwarves. Only one faction-the Durik-agreed to bring their whole army to aid them. The gnomes chose to keep to themselves, as did the halflings. The Humans won the war in the eighth year, uniting their mass population to overwhelm the elf kingdom.

Gnomes and Dwarves live to the south and west of Grenka in harmony. They occupy a mix of mountainous and plains areas. The Dwarves deal with Goliaths on a regular basis as they live within the mountains as well, but rarely have issue with them.

Rumors of an island to the west of Grenka speak of an elven type people who have been secluded since the dawn of time by an impassable barrier reef. They are rumored to be the mythical Eladrin of Syrid. An airship built by the magicks of the Gnomes have sent an expedition towards the island in recent days, but has not been seen in over three months.

There is word of a pocket village of Elves expanding out into the plains outside of the Dwarven labyrinth city, Drujik, in base the southern mountains. The Gnomes have no idea of this and every Dwarf asked denies this claim.

As the world has been living in peace for four-hundred years, a strange darkness is growing from the north of Grenka. The mountains have been alive with dark foes attempting to break into the Human capitol of Hamal-located directly south of the inhabitable mountains of Grenka-although, no Elf sympathizers have been harmed.

Grenka, Trey, and Waede

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